Please explore the questions below for more information about the Mount Greenwood SSA #55 reconstitution process.

What is an SSA? 

A Special Service Area is a local district that uses its funds to expand services and programs in local business districts. SSA #55 is approaching expiration of its first term and needs to go through a reconstitution process to continue operating for the next 15 years. The SSA is governed by a Commission of volunteers made up of local businesses. The SSA is managed by the Mount Greenwood Community and Business Association (MGCBA) which is leading an outreach effort to determine priorities of local businesses, residents and property owners within the Study Area to set SSA priorities.

Why should we renew SSA #55 now?

If no action is taken, the SSA will expire at the end of 2022 and cease providing critical services such as small business support, streetscape and safety enhancements, local marketing, corridor maintenance, and landscaping. Of course, small businesses are facing incredible challenges as a result of COVID-19. MGCBA has been working directly with the business community to understand these needs and respond quickly. The Bucks Stay Here is one local program to help provide covid-relief and support shopping local. In the near-term – while COVID 19 is impacting our community – SSA #55 can be an advocate for local businesses. Over the long-term, the SSA will be equally important as we emerge from these crises.

Why do we need an SSA?

An SSA is an economic development tool that brings businesses together to collectively decide how tax dollars can be spent locally to maintain and promote a shared business district. Today’s retail environment is challenging. Now more than ever, business owners understand the need to have a strategic and collaborative effort to identify common priorities and coordinate local improvements and marketing. An SSA can fund these goals and help local businesses stay competitive, attractive, and desirable for residents and customers alike.

How can you help? 

You can help by participating in the reconstitution process, offering ideas for improvement of the district and identifying what services should be prioritized via the SSA Needs Assessment Survey, and participating in community meetings. The City requires 20% of taxpayers to share their support for reconstitution by signing a form. If you are in support of continued services and don’t want to see SSA services cease, we ask you to join this effort by submitting a signed form listing each PIN number you own in the district. If you are a business owner or resident that rents your space, you can also help by asking the property owner/taxpayer of record to sign and submit this form.

How does the SSA fund services? 

SSA #55 is funded through revenue collected from taxes levied upon properties within the SSA boundary. These funds, which are controlled locally by the SSA #55 Commission, must stay in the district and must be spent on services that achieve the SSA mission.

What are the boundaries of the SSA? 

Mount Greenwood SSA #55 currently includes 111th Street from Sacramento (3000 West) to Central Park (3600 West) and South Kedzie Avenue from 10953 to 11125 (both sides). Click here to view Boundary Map.

– Click here to view PDF of Boundary Map –